notify_by Hipchat do |hipchat|
  hipchat.on_success = true
  hipchat.on_warning = true
  hipchat.on_failure = true

  hipchat.success_color = 'green'
  hipchat.warning_color = 'yellow'
  hipchat.failure_color = 'red'

  hipchat.token = 'hipchat api token' # required
  hipchat.from = 'DB Backup' # required
  hipchat.rooms_notified = ['activity'] # required

Hipchat is a hosted private chat service. Backup can connect to Hipchat to post notices in room via the API. To get an API token, you must be logged in as an admin. Click the Group Admin tab at the top, then click API and then create a new token for backup. A “notification” key type is sufficient.

The Hipchat notifier can notify on multiple rooms that you specify by name. rooms_notified may be set using a single room name (hipchat.rooms_notified = 'my_room'), a comma-delimited list of names (hipchat.rooms_notified = 'my_room, another room'), or an Array of names (as shown above).

Please see the Hipchat API documents for a list of available colors.