Database::Redis, 'My Backup') do
  database Redis do |db|
    # From `dbfilename` in your `redis.conf` under SNAPSHOTTING.
    # Do not include the '.rdb' extension. Defaults to 'dump'               = 'dump'
    # From `dir` in your `redis.conf` under SNAPSHOTTING.
    db.path               = '/var/lib/redis'
    db.password           = 'my_password'               = 'localhost'
    db.port               = 6379
    db.socket             = '/tmp/redis.sock'
    db.additional_options = []
    db.invoke_save        = true

The Redis database dump file for the above configuration would be copied from /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb to databases/Redis.rdb.

If a Compressor has been added to the backup, then the database dump file would be copied using the selected compressor. So, if Gzip is the selected compressor, the result would be databases/Redis.rdb.gz.


If db.invoke_save is set to true, it will perform a SAVE command using redis-cli before backing up the dump file, so that the dump file is at it’s most recent state.