Database::PostgreSQL, 'My Backup') do
  database PostgreSQL do |db|
    # To dump all databases, set ` = :all` (or leave blank)               = "my_database_name"
    db.username           = "my_username"
    db.password           = "my_password"               = "localhost"
    db.port               = 5432
    db.socket             = "/tmp/pg.sock"
    # When dumping all databases, `skip_tables` and `only_tables` are ignored.
    db.skip_tables        = ['skip', 'these', 'tables']
    db.only_tables        = ['only', 'these' 'tables']
    db.additional_options = []

PostgreSQL database dumps produce a single output file created using the pg_dump utility. This dump file will be stored within your final backup package as databases/PostgreSQL.sql.

If a Compressor has been added to the backup, the database dump will be piped through the selected compressor. So, if Gzip is the selected compressor, the output would be databases/PostgreSQL.sql.gz.

You may also have the pg_dump or pg_dumpall command run as another user using sudo by specifying db.sudo_user. Running these commands as the superuser eliminates the need to provide a password.