Compressor::Gzip, 'My Backup') do

  # Archives, Databases, etc...

  # to use default settings
  compress_with Gzip

  # to customize settings
  compress_with Gzip do |compression|
    compression.level = 6
    compression.rsyncable = true

Gzip is the fastest compressor and requires the least amount of memory. The compression level for Gzip is 6 by default, and may be set from 1 to 9.

Additionally, the rsyncable option may be set to true. This option directs gzip to compress data using an algorithm that allows rsync to efficiently detect changes. This is especially useful when the RSync Storage is used.

The --rsyncable option is only available on patched versions of gzip. While most distributions apply this patch, this option may not be available on your system. If it’s not available, Backup will log a warning and continue to use the compressor without this option. Also note that the use of this option will not affect the ability of an non-patched version of gzip to decompress files compressed with this option.